Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How To Revise in One Hour a Week (??)

There's an assumption that writing and publishing get easier as you go. I know I used to think so. Or at least I hoped so.

Right before I had Bridget, I sent off my new WIP to my agent. I'd been working on it for about 8 months, had gotten good critique and positive feedback from my writing group, and even though I knew it needed some work, I thought it might be ready to send out soon.

*Sigh*. No such luck. I must have been all pregnant/hormonal/crazy to even think it was close to ready because my agent sent me back a very long, and, sadly, very correct letter with more than a few substantive changes to be made.

So it's back to the revising board for me. My plan is to start with a few weeks of just rereading the ms and thinking through its problems (that's about all I can manage with a newborn to take care of anyway), and then when I've really figured out a good plan for the revision, to get started on it and take my time.

Revision is my favorite part of writing, and I normally enjoy the beginning of a rewrite. This one will be hugely different though, because I won't be able to work with the same intensity that I normally do. I'll have to grab an hour here and there when I can, which is difficult for me because then I have to put myself back into the story every time and I lose my flow.

Any new mothers/full-time day jobbers out there have advice for making the most of short bursts of time?

*caroline hickey